Keith Bryan (キース・ブライアン)

Keith's work can be found at the Glass Slipper
and at Crystal Arts in the Tokyo Disneyland Resort and at the Kobe Lampwork Glass Museum



1963 Born in Norfolk, Virginia. U.S.A.
1981 Graduated Kempsville High School.
1981 Began Lampwork at The Glass Baron.
1982 Worked at Custom Elite Glass Shop.
1983 Studied Music as a non matriculated student at Norfolk State University.
1983-1988 Became a Lampwork demonstrator and glass designer under master
Craftsman Frank Thacker at Glass Elite, Williamsburg Pottery Factory.
1984-1988 Opened first glass studio in Virginia Beach, VA.
1988 Relocated to Los Angeles, CA to attend Musicians Institute.
1988-1995 Worked at The Glass Unicorn in Anaheim, CA. and Shades of Gold in Brea, CA.
1989 Graduated from Musicians Institute, Los Angeles, CA.
1990-1995 Opened second glass studio in Van Nuys, CA.
1995 Began work at Arribas Brothers in Walt Disney World, FL.
1995 Relocated to Arribas Brothers Japan in Tokyo Disneyland Resort, Japan
1998 Made the Tokyo Disneyland 15th Anniversary limited edition Mickey Mouse.
2003 Made the Tokyo Disneyland 20th Anniversary limited edition Mickey Mous
2004 Demonstration at Matsushima Lampwork Festival
2005 One of the featured demonstrators at the Kobe International Lampwork Festa.
2006 Participated in the Best Bead Show Flame-Off in Tucson AZ.
One of the featured demonstrators at the Borosilicate Art Expo (B.A.E.)
Became a member of the Japan Lampwork Society.
Wrote article about The Flow magazine for J.L.S. Newsletter.
Internet radio interview with Marcie Davis for the Glasscaster with Bill
Rassmasen and Louis Wilson about Disney glass work
Demonstration at the Glass House in Shin-Kiba, Japan.
Appears in the book 100 Lampworkers.
Group Exhibition in Gifu


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